August 22, 2022

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Kenyatta University and UNITUS (Italy) as partners wishes to disseminate the following call:
Dear ICM partners,
I am very pleased to share with you an important opportunity for your students: more than 80 scholarships are available for students entering the Doctoral programs of UNITUS, Viterbo (Italy)
The doctoral programs last 3 years and are fully covered by scholarships each of around 65.000 euros for the whole period.
You can apply for one of the following programs that will begin in November 2022:
·        European and global markets law. Crisis, rights, regulation
·        Ecology and sustainable management of environmental resources
·        Economics, management e quantitative methods
·        Engineering for energy and environment
·        Plant and animal science
·        History and cultural heritage
·        Science, technology and biotechnology for sustainability
·        and a new program focused on political sciences.
For further information, visit:
The programs are also supported by several private companies that are looking for qualified professionals in some of these areas.
Doctoral students are requested to spend a period abroad in qualified research institutions.
During this period, the scholarships are increased by 50%.
The deadline for applications is August 26th, 2022 , 2 p.m. (CET).

The call is available at: 
You can also contact the coordinators of the programs by email, if you wish.
Best regards,