October 10, 2017


  • Coordinate admission of international students at Kenyatta University
  • Advice students on admission requirements and criteria internationally
  • Manage exchange, semester abroad and field school programs
  • Negotiates details of new exchange agreements and renewal of existing agreements
  • Coordinates the pre-departure orientation for all students travelling abroad
  • Provides support for faculty coordinating semester abroad and field school programs
  • Receive, process applications and  plan for summer programmes
  • Advice students on
  1. Scholarship opportunities, visa requirements and welfare safety.
  2. selecting a study abroad program based on their academic program
  • the study abroad application process
  1. exchange host institution processes including selecting courses at the host institution, applying to the host institution and housing
  2. transferring exchange credits back to the home university after their exchange has been completedpre-departure information
  3. course registration
  • campus resources
  • any difficulties they may experience prior to arriving and after arrival at a host university

Ask a question: director-linkages@ku.ac.ke

Administrator: masika.james@ku.ac.ke