I can positively say that am lucky to be a student at Kenyatta University because it has made me a better person intellectually by helping me to discover my potential. The staff is very caring because they make sure all of your issues are solved plus the support I receive from every of my classmates is so great and it helps me to achieve my goal. 

Amanda Mantchombe: MISS INTERNATIONAL KU 2016

My passion is to make the environment a better place for every living thing and kenyatta university is just the place am grateful to be, full of resources the right place to interact with different nationalities..
With a positive attitude i get from my fellow students, i managed to win the 2016 miss international and for this am now able to interact with an open mind to get ideas from my comrades which impact on my studies in a positive way.

Environmental Health.
Kenyatta university

Ayo-ojo Bayode Sunday: Intl. students KUSA Rep.

Mahatma Gandhi an Indian statesman remarks’’ THE BEST WAY TO FIND YOURSELF IS TO LOOSE YOURSELF IN THE SERVICE OF OTHERS”, I have lost myself in the service and interest of KENYATTTA UNIVERSITY INTERNATIONAL STUDENTS and I have learnt a great deal. All thanks, glory and gratitude to Almighty God, the grand architect of the universe who has been with us throughout the course of this administration. It is worthy of appreciation the immense support and fatherly support of the Vice Chancellor, Director, Center for international programme and collaboration, Director for students affairs and CIPC administrator.

Kaete Domnic Saitoti:The University of Cape Coast

The main purpose of taking part in the exchange program was to experience the Ghanaian university system. The best part was represented by the courses I enrolled in, and the professors’ way of teaching literally enchanted me. I could feel a “human” relation between professor and student. A relation,almost completely absent in the Kenyan system.

Tony Malala: Akita University

Going through the exchange program in Akita University has left a big impact on my life. I have made new contacts and friends that I will keep for a long time to come, I have discovered myself more, including new interests, my communication and problem solving skills has improved and above all, I have improved my Japanese language skills. These are very important lessons that will help me live my future better as my world perspective has improved too.

Fransisca Kilonzi:Nagasaki University

Life as an exchange student was very interesting. i learnt Japanese culture and Japanese language .most importantly I did an independent research with help of able professor Kazuaki Kawamoto. Most of my units were practical and involved field studies which gave me an opportunity to travel various parts of Japan together with my fellow students from various parts of the world such as Philippines, Thailand, china, Taiwan, South Korea among other countries.

Mr Irénée Ndayambaje: Rwanda

For highly devoted students, Kenyatta University is a well resourced learning environment for personal fulfillment. Ndayambaje is a PhD student in Educational Planning and Economics of Education, Kenyatta University.

Denis Okullo:Uganda Martyrs University-Nkozi

I wish to congratulate the international relations desks of Uganda Martyrs University and Kenyatta University for effecting this program.I have experienced a lot from this program and I wish to make them known to your offices as well as some reformations that have to be taken in order that the program continues effectively. I have been exposed to life in different academic environments which at first created fear in me, but at last it taught me how to respond to challenges in these environments and I managed them effectively.


Eva Wanjiku: Ilorin University.

It was not all work and no play; I had a share of fun times. My most rib cracking moment is when I took it upon myself to learn a bit of pidgin. It sounded very funny at first ,but my friends took it up to teach me and in return they would learn a few Swahili words from me .I also had to adopt the Yoruba culture of respect whereby, any time u greet an elderly person you have to bow. I also got a chance to visit other states in Nigeria-Osun state, Lagos state and Oyo state and experienced different cultures too. My all time favorite was dressing into natives- The beautiful Ankara[kitengee] every Friday.