Student Exchange

The Student Exchange Programme includes consortium sponsored programmes, Semester Abroad Programme (SAP) and Students’ Exchange. The programme involves exchange visits by students of the collaborating institutions to the partner institution for a specified academic programme or for
participation in cultural activities.
Consortium sponsored programmes are exchange programmes which give scholarships and grants to students and/or faculty of collaborating institutions to facilitate exchange visits to partner institution for purposes of academic exchange.
Semester Abroad Programme (SAP) is an exchange programme between Kenyatta University and partner Universities in Africa. It involves exchange visits by students of partnering institutions for one semester.
Other exchange programmes include exchange visits by students of partner institutions globally for academic programmes or for participation in cultural activities.

An exchange involves a formal agreement between the Kenyatta University and an international university that allows us to exchange students each year. A student can take courses on exchange at one of our partner universities and transfer credits back to their home degree when they return.

Why you should go on an exchange program

  • As a student on exchange, you would pay your home university tuition and fees, not international student tuition and fees.
  • You can take courses that count towards your degree while studying in another country.
  • You receive support before, during and after your exchange from the center for international programmes and collaborations office at Kenyatta University and the international office at your host university.
  • You will build your intercultural skills and resume, learn about yourself and the world, make new friends, and develop a global perspective.

Exchange Locations

Kenyatta University has exchange agreements with over 100 partner institutions in over 30 countries! Europe, Asia, Africa, Oceania, Latin America…there are so many choices available to you. Find out more about your options by through collaborations.

Number of Exchange Spaces Available

Spaces are available based on number of accommodation rooms available. Exchange students are given accommodation by host institution. Due to the limited number of spaces, the majority of our exchanges are limited to one semester only. Typically, the more spaces available at an exchange location, the less competitive that location will be for exchange.

If you are chosen for one of these programs, you will pay tuition to your home University for the number of credits you will be taking while on exchange. Find out from your international center about this opportunity. Apart from summer exchange opportunities, you may also want to benefit from our multi-language center at Kenyatta University.

Click here to download the Semester Abroad Program Application Form