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Tagline: Internationalization at Kenyatta University

Centre for International Programmes and Collaborations at Kenyatta University is responsible for the University's overall international strategy, including recruitment, student exchanges, international student/staff support and creating links with universities/organizations. The Centre Supports all the welfare of international students/staff such processing relevant VISAs, getting secure accommodation, free airport transfers, organize guided tours to enable visitors settle in time and linking them other service offices in within the university and the country at large through proper orientation and all time advisory services International student elect their representative in the university student leadership. The international student representative channels all matters relating to international students to relevant university offices.

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Administrator: James Masika

African Students and Alumni Forum (ASAF)

The African Students and Alumni Forum (ASAF) is a forum of more than 1800 students and alumni (both students and staff) of programs sponsored by the AU and EU. ASAF will be having its 2nd meeting Annual General Forum in Nairobi from 2-4th June.
Find below the registration link for a public conference which will be held on 3rd June for current ASAF members, those who want to join ASAF, potential students, staff and alumni. The discussion will centre around mobility and academic exchange. Kindly share with students and faculty staff who are beneficiaries of the aforementioned scholarships (including you), student union, student affairs, registrar and other relevant offices. There are only 50 slots available, I encourage people to apply/register as soon as possible.
Good luck to all.


A center of excellence in internationalization of Kenyatta University through collaborations.


To initiate and co-ordinate international programmes and collaborations for enhancement of the Kenyatta University profile.

Core Values

Equal Opportunity
Institutional culture
Respect for diversity


1. Develop and run tailor-made international programmes.
2. Create a vibrant and supportive environment for all international staff and students.
3. Enhance the University profile through local and international collaborations.
4. Ensure adequate resources for effective and efficient implementation of services.




Centre for International Students and Collaboration Kenyatta University P.O BOX 43844-00100 Nairobi-Kenya.
Kenyatta University P.O. Box 43844-00100 Tel: 810901/12 Ext.3850, 3848, 3849 Nairobi Kenya

Dr. Mildred P. Nawiri

Director, Center for International Programmes and Collaboration
Senior Lecturer, Department of Chemistry, Kenyatta University. P.O BOX 43844-00100 Nairobi-KENYA. Tel: +254-020-801901 EXT 3850/2 Cell: +254 721 319 438

James Masika

Administrator: Center for International Programmes and Collaboration,
Masika M. James, Administrator Center for International Programmes and Collaborations Kenyatta University P.O BOX 43844-00100 Nairobi-Kenya. Tel:+254-02-801901 EXT 3848 Cell phone +254-721-201-611 Email:



Welcome and thank you for expressing interest to study in our University. Every year we receive many students to Kenyatta University either on short terms exchange programs or on long term (over two years) basis. Below we provide some information that will help answer some of the questions you might have as you prepare to visit Kenyatta University.

More information can be accessed via the University Website.

Should you need more information and assistance please, do not hesitate contact us. You can also Chat with us. We sincerely look forward to having you study at Kenyatta University. Thank you!